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The childhood land of Siberia

Documentary film of Dzintra Geka, 2013. The documentary film “Childhood Land of Siberia” continues a series of films about the 1941 deportations. Children who were deported on June 14 are now elderly and wish to visit the places where they lived in Siberia as children. There was cold and famine, and the children lost their relatives, but that was their only childhood, with sun and snow, friends and people who helped them to survive. What is the appearance of the locations now, and does anyone remember them? Writer Gundega Repše: “Everything was here. It was there, there and there, all the way to the horizon to the East and the North. The steppe and taiga, Siberia with its swamps and permafrost throughout the majestic distances of Russia and the Soviet Union. Electrification and gulags throughout the huge country. I knew that I had visited the country of victors, and I looked not just for traces of trophies or the corpses of or monuments to the tyrants. I know that the poor victors must live with knowledge about all of those whom they killed. The visitors from Latvia are former victims who have overcome themselves and became survivors. My mama Ilga said that the greatest crime at the gulags was that people were turned into animals, with an amputation of any spiritual energy. Not everyone who was humiliated to the level of an animal could recover and become human beings. Good Siberian friends who were like friends allowed them to overcome a code of pain which can never be healed. I have come here in my mother’s place, and the key to the code is nearby, in my heart.” 2013, Latvian National TV Audience Award “Golden Wave”, The TV documentary film “Land of Childhood Siberia”

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The Childhood Land of Siberia 2013

Director and producer:  Dzintra Geka
Cameraman:  Aivars Lubānietis
Screenplay:  Gundega Repše
Video engineering:  Jānis Kazulis, Edgars Dzenis
Music:  Pēteris Vasks, Arvo Pärt, Splean band Assistant to the director:  Baiba Ārenta

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