Fund activities

Movies about exiled to Siberia

Documetaries about significant people and moments in Latvia history


2016 “We did not invent those times” by Ilmars Knagis in latvian

2014 The children of Siberia Part I and II in Russian,

2012 The children of Siberia Part I and II in English, 2011-2012.  

2009 “There was such a time” by Ilmars Knagis  in english

2007-2008 The children of Siberia Part I and II in Latvian.


2016 Wolves independent international film awards, (Lithuania) Best Feature Documentary film “Where did the fathers go?”

2014 ERASMUS Euro media awards Seal of Approval (atzinības raksts) filmai “Where did the fathers go?”

2013/2014 Best TV movie award Golden Wave for TV documentary “Far land of Siberia” in 8. series

2013, Latvian National TV Audience Award “Golden Wave”, The TV documentary film “The childhood Land of Siberia

2012, Patras international film festival (Greece) Best documentary- “Gvido Zvaigzne”

Expeditions to Siberia every year

Filming group together with exiled and their children attending memorial sites for relatives, installing memorial plaques for deportees, receiving films about Latvians in Siberia

2018. August. Expedition to far east. Blagovescensk, Zeya, Sivaki, Vladivosto, Petropavlovsk (Kamchatck).

2018. March. Expedition to Siberia Tomsk district to film for movie “Ilmars Blumbergs” in Dvinka in Tjuhtet.

2017. Expediton to Tura (Krasnoyarsk district).

2016. July. Expedition to Tomsk and Altay districts.

2015. June. Trip to Murmansk and Solovki islands in Russia

2014. May. Trip to Kazakhstan- Jazzkazgan and Karaganda prison camps

2013. Summer trip to Russia- Magadan and Krasnoyarsk district

2012. Expedition to Russia from June 15 to 29.

2011. Trip to Siberia.

2010 trip to Russia from July 21 to August 4

2009 trip to Russia from June 15 to June 26

Memorial events of exiled on June 13-14

The “Children of Siberia” foundation organizes memorial events . On 14 June, we organize a conference at the Occupation Museum dedicated to Latvian children sent to Siberia on June 14, 1941. The President of the State, the Speaker of the Saeima, historians, Siberian children, their relatives, guests from Russia usually take part in the conference. We organize a concert at the st.John’s Church for “Deported”, where traditional Latvian folk songs and compositions by Radio Choir are traditionally heard. June 14: Exhibitions of photographs and children’s drawings at the Occupation Museum.on March 25 and June 13-14 every year.

Educational activities

Fund every year organizes essay and drawing competition for children.


Fund every year organizes exhibitions in schools and libraries,